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A7 Mung Bean Sorting

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Surabaya is the capital and largest city of East Java Province, Indonesia.

It is located in the east of Java Island. It is Indonesia's second largest seaport and Indonesia's main agriculture prodcuts producing area.

SORTDEK A Series bean color sorter ensures stable and high-quality services for mung bean processing in such hot environment.

Mr. Ferry the owner of "CV CAHAYA CIPTA UTAMA" - Mung bean processing is our family business for over 30 years. Now we are trying to process other products, like sesame and corn. It is really surprised for me, that SORTDEK A series sorter can handle serval kinds of products, I can say it is a omnipotent machine. It can sorter different products, and for operator you just click some buttons on the control panel, all is so simple and intelligent. Very smart machine!