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Garlic Sorter with 3D Scope Vision Technology

SORTDEK Ls Series Garlic Color Sorter

3D Scope Vision System ensure each piece of Garlic be scaned by 6 HD CCD Cameras.



Highlight of Features:

1) The RGB true colour cameras - Full Colour Sorter works similar to the human eye and identifies the smallest colour differences by combining three visible wavelengths - red, green and blue. The RGB uses 16 million colours, high resolution cameras and long lasting LED lighting to detect and remove defects with the smallest colour deviations. This technology makes sorting garlic defect (the light yellow spoiled garlic and white skin) be more easy.

2) FPGA Image Processing Framework with Delta V Cyclone™ GPU makes 3D-Scope of garlic. Different colour additions create a 3D picture like simulation of human vision, Minimal colour variations of a single product can be classified as a reject.

3) ALL-IN-ONE Structural Design, more stable performance and easy maintenance. 360° moving control panel, makes operation more flexible.

4) New generation wide feeder system, instead of magnetic vibrator unit. New feeder system gives more capacity and garlic running more smoothly. IP54 Class water proof, ensure system working in high moisture environment for longer lifetime.