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Ture Color CCD RICH Series Color Sorter Machine Features:

Independent developed intelligent magnetic control high-frequency ejector has no air leakage problem thanks to the replacement of intelligent lever flexible return technology for traditional pressure return technology.

Cloud Interconnection System
Cloud service technical platform, remote control, operation, maintenance, software upgrade can be achieved and it can detect and solve the LED light, electronic, mechanical and adjustment problems. It also can provide real-time online tracking service for the machine operation monitoring,data acquisition and online instruction.

One Key Intelligent Operation System
The users can set the area of the material color, shape, size and defect by themselves and confirm the rejected material, so the machine can automatically set the sorting solution of the material according to the independent calculating, intelligent recognition and intelligent sorting principles with one key intelligent control technology.

Intelligent Visual Image Capture System
It can realize the visual dynamic image capture system by adopting the high resolution full color CCD sensor and low distortion lens.

Intelligent LED Light Control System
It can adjust the brightness of the LED automatically according to the material sorting requirements and environment changing due to advanced digital automatic LED light adjustment technology. The best sorting performance will be achieved.

Key Components and Brand:
Toshiba brand Full Color Camera CCD with 5400 pixel
Phoenix brand customized industrial lens
Altera™ DSP, FPGA and chips
MeanWell™ brand power supply
Advantec™ brand display
NEC™ brand touch screen
SMC™ brand filters
Schneider™ brand power switch.