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Rice HD CCD Color Sorting Machine Features:

1) The particular light difference sorting model works great on the light beige, speckled and dark rice. The first time sorting effect can reach 1:1, the recycling carryover can reach 20:1, and it can reject the difference without rejecting the belly white rice. This technique is absolutely the most advanced in this industry.

2) Under the belly white model, the first time sorting carryover is above 1:1, the recycling carryover is above 50:1.

3) The top AlteraCyclone V-Gen DSP+FPGA process technique ensures the high working efficiency and accurate calculating, and it is easy to be ungraded and maintained.

4) Top international 5400 high-speed HD CCD image sensors and tailor-made Japanese cameras make sure that 0.013mm tiny scab can be precisely identified.

5) The newest smart adjustable LED cold light sources with no shadow make the recognition easier and the sorting more precise, and it is endowed with long serving life and no need to preheat.

6) The LED air cooling system significantly increases the service life of LED.

7) The only one in this industry who own intellectual property on the ejectors, our ejectors are made of special high strength material, it has the advantages of strong sucking ability, no residual magnetism, linear flow, price blow, high consistency, the t working frequency can reach 1200HZ per second, the shortest response time can be 0.6ms, and the service life can reach 5-10 billion times. They can greatly decrease the carryover, cut 20%-30% of air consumption.