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A Series Wheat Color Sorter

CCD Multi-Functional Optical Color Sorting Machine A Series Features:

1) Unique-in-the-industry light different color selection mode is efficient for the high-end color selection of different grains.

2) Under the different-color mode, color-selection requirements of all kinds of grain can be achieved. The first-time output compounding rate is over 1:1, and the second-time more than 15:1. (Bad: Good).

3) Sereis A Color Sorter can be effectively used in food production, grain processing and recycling industries for sorting grain, berries, vegetables, seeds, legumes, oilseeds, nuts and fragments of plastic, glass with the aim of obtaining high-quality raw materials, as well as accept with purity 99.99%. In this case, the sorter automatically rejects bad material by color and shape, allowing you to quickly and effectively separate good product from a variety of waste.

4) Newly-optimized operating interface is quite user-friendly. The “one-button auto” and “project back-up” functions help to reset the original parameters when misconduct happens.

5) Newly-designed mechanical structure provides favorable stability and applicability. There are two output mode, the large-chute mode and separated small-chute mode. Each mode is equipped with reinforced chutes that greatly reduce the output compounding rate. Large chute is convenient for installation, while small chute allows the user to change into “3-time color selection” model according to customer requirements.

6) Innovative smart LED shadowless cold light system design can efficiently find out small spots, light yellow,belly-white,core-white,black pin-points, which makes identification and judgment much easier, sorting more accurate. The light source has long service life, high luminous efficiency and strong anti-interference stability, and no warm-up is needed.

7) Unique direct-spray nozzle has greatly eliminated the huffing resistance, reduced the air consumption, accelerated the response speed and made the operation more accurate and effective whist diminishing the output compounding rate.

8) International cutting-edge industry special 5400 full-color high-speed line scan imaging sensor CCD, and special color sorting camreas tailored by top International suppliers,can precisely identity subtle spots of 0.013 mm, and meet high-end color sorting requirements of synchronous sorting and independent sorting for belly-white and core-white.